I’m trying to run a p2p client to fileshare some evidence…





i saw this on one of those strange little picture slideshow websites so i decided to post it ;) have fun kids

I have found heaven and it’s full of liquor

orphan black season 2 finale more like im crying A LOT



i know a bunch of you have seen it already but dang i see guardians of the galaxy in 9 hours and ahhh im so!!! excited!!!!


barty crouch jr + childhood


His father does not care for him. He has thought this ever since he was old enough to notice emotions, but it’s true. He asks his mother, who pats his hair smooth and murmurs fretfully under her breath.

"He never wanted children," she tells him in a whisper, "I did, and we needed an heir, and so of course you were born. I loved you instantly Barty, and your father…He cares for you, dear. It’s only hard for him to show it, you see.”

But she was lying. His father treated him the way he thought a son should be treated, as though he were an assignment or a report handed to him at the Ministry. He had gifts on the holidays and on his birthdays, and congratulation letters whenever he did something of merit. Those were written by his father’s secretary, of course, and the gifts were his mother’s doing, while his father signed his name along with a number of other documents on his ever-covered desk.

Barty Crouch Jr., after he thinks about it for a good long while, decides that he does not care. He doesn’t, because his father has a duty, and Barty Crouch Jr. understands nothing if not duty. His father’s duty is to provide for him and to protect him. His mother’s duty is to love him and to shield him. They both do it well.

Barty Crouch Jr.’s duty is to fulfill expectations. 

As to whose expectations to fulfill? That is his own choice to make.


If you are/intend to be an actor and are thinking of getting large/many tattoos in places that are often exposed by costumes, DON’T.

I understand you want to express yourself or whatever, but consider how much time, money and effort costume designers, shop managers and dressers are going to spend on you covering up a tattoo. A lot of coverup techniques that work fine for job interviews or what have you looks much different under stage lights, and you’re likely to sweat more, which can result in marking up your costume, someone else’s, or the furniture.

Like it or not your appearance is part of what you are selling as an actor, and your body is your instrument.

You do you, but be prepared to cover it up.